Tips for Better Decision-Making

The key to positive decision-making is to be able to slow down and recognize what is most important and most helpful to the situation, which is easier said than done. I continually see individuals and companies guide their decision-making process with impulse and reactivity. This ultimately results in satisfying a short-term need or stopping the process within a comfort level, rather than aligning with long-term goals or creative visions. If an individual is overconfident or lacks confidence, they tend to rush into a decision.

Growing self and other awareness, described as emotional intelligence, automatically shifts the dynamic of any interaction and plays a key role in the decision-making process. Good decision-making involves an ability to be intentional about acts that are in line with priorities and values. Individuals and companies who utilize a mindful, values-based approach, rather than allowing thoughts and emotions to dictate reactions, are able to remain calm, adjust and adapt to the situation at hand, and move decisively towards their true end game. When the process is slowed down in this way, the next five minutes actually feel like five minutes, as opposed to 30 seconds.