Individual therapy at Music City Psych is designed to give you the emotional support and guidance you need to manage life’s stresses well. We take a practical approach to problems and difficulties as they arise.  By understanding your temperament and past experiences, we can make sense of the coping patterns that cause difficulty in your life. Together, we decide which ways of coping need to change and which ones it makes sense to accept.

Many people seeking help for anxiety, depression, stress, and other issues are increasingly turning to therapists who incorporate aspects of mindfulness into their treatment.  Mindfulness can be a small complement to therapy or represent a core component, depending on a person’s therapeutic goals and personal preference.

At Music City Psych, we utilize Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is a scientific, mindfulness and values-based therapy.  One of the core messages of ACT is to accept what’s out of your control, and put your energy and commitment towards taking action in the areas you can control.  Step by step, life improves and becomes more rich, full and meaningful.  In our practice we teach you how to deal with your painful thoughts and feelings more effectively so that they have less of an impact and influence over you.  ACT also helps to clarify what is most important and meaningful to you.  Using these learned skills and established values helps guide, inspire, and motivate you when making changes in your life.

In addition to ACT, therapists at Music City Psych use a combination of psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). By using these different approaches in the context of a collaborative therapeutic relationship, we help you gain clarity on your present experience, learn how to shift towards greater engagement with your life, and understand what may be keeping you “hooked” in the past.