Rachel Fleischer
LPC-MHSP, Psychotherapist
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Meet Rachel Fleischer

I specialize in individual therapy for adults and couples counseling in Nashville, Brentwood, Music Row, and surrounding areas, as well as online therapy for residents of Tennessee and Florida. I am certified in Imago Relationship Therapy and Prepare/Enrich Premarital & Marital Counseling. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques and am trained in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) as well.

I believe the therapeutic relationship should be supportive, honest, and collaborative. Using a nonjudgemental, affirming, and open approach, my aim is to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Whether I’m providing therapy for depression to an individual or marriage counseling to a struggling couple, I want everyone I work with to feel comfortable and ready to pursue a brighter future. I help my clients feel empowered to make positive changes and create a meaningful life. 

I obtained my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and my Bachelor’s degree at Indiana University. I am dual licensed in TN and FL.

Prior to joining Music City Psych as an LPC-MHSP therapist in Nashville, I provided psychotherapy for individuals and groups in various therapeutic settings.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, spending time with friends in downtown Nashville, traveling, being active, and learning new things.

Q & A with Rachel

Some of the primary goals of Imago Therapy are to remove negativity when communicating, validate experiences/perspectives, and find ways to empathize with each other’s feelings. By working towards these goals and many others, Imago Therapy helps to support people in their relationships by focusing on building a stronger connection between one another. Another important aspect of Imago Relationship Therapy is understanding how our early childhood relationships affect the way we behave in our current intimate relationships. It’s important for partners to understand each other’s inner worlds — from childhood to the present — to help build empathy with what is showing up in their relationships today. 

Prepare/Enrich Premarital Counseling/Couples Counseling is a wonderful resource to help couples strengthen and enhance their relationships. To begin, both individuals complete an assessment. The therapist then receives a report that highlights a couple’s strengths and areas for improvement, allowing the therapist to get a comprehensive look at the relationship and helping to create goals for counseling.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps individuals manage problems by changing the way they think and behave. It’s one of the most effective means of treatment for mental health disorders. People’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are all connected, making CBT an important tool for clients to use to promote real change and successfully reach their goals. By becoming more aware of the “why” behind the behavior, clients work towards overcoming negative habits, thought patterns, and improved moods. 

I work with my clients in a collaborative way to help them achieve their goals. Taking a collaborative approach can help clients who have previously been unsuccessful because of a lack of trust in their therapist/client relationship. I want them to know that we are equals in the therapeutic relationship. I emphasize honesty, trust, respect, and empowerment. It is very important to me that my clients know that they are not alone as they navigate life’s challenges — and its celebrations as well. I want them to know that I will be a supportive and nonjudgmental ally as they navigate their vulnerabilities and will offer encouragement, stability, and comfort throughout the therapeutic process.

It is rewarding to know that I had the opportunity to be a part of someone’s life in a powerful way. I believe that one of the most valuable parts of being a therapist is having the chance to just be there for someone, listen to them, and validate their feelings. These simple yet important tasks can lead to feeling valued, heard, and understood. It is my greatest joy when my clients get to experience this feeling.

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