Last updated: 2-12-24

At Music City Psych, we are committed to ensuring transparency and fairness in our billing practices. In accordance with the No Surprises Act, this document outlines our policies to protect you from unexpected bills for services provided in our practice.

Patient Protections Under the Act

  • Out-of-Network Services: All services at Music City Psych are considered out-of-network. 
  • Advance Notice and Consent: Before receiving any services, we will provide you with a clear estimate of charges and obtain your consent to proceed.
  • Good Faith Estimate: We will provide a good faith estimate of the expected charges for treatment upon request and before services are rendered.
  • Dispute Resolution: If you believe you’ve been wrongly billed, Music City Psych offers a process to resolve disputes. This includes access to an independent dispute resolution system as per the No Surprises Act.

Our Commitment

  • Billing Clarity: We ensure that all bills are straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Support: Our office is available to assist you with any billing questions or concerns.
  • Patient Education: We provide information and education about the No Surprises Act to our patients to ensure understanding and compliance.

Contact Information

For inquiries or more information regarding your billing rights under the No Surprises Act, or to discuss a bill or initiate a dispute resolution, please contact: